Let the madness begin

As anticipated when things happen, they happen quickly and all at once.

Back in June J received his visa which enabled him to jet off to Fiji and commence working. We agreed at the time we signed the contract that I would stay in Australia, continue working and start sorting out the things we have acquired since our last move 3 years ago.

We had approximately a week between when J’s visa arrived and when we went on holidays to Queensland. Thankfully this meant that we had longer than we thought we would together before he left as we decided to extend our trip and visit most of the family to say goodbye.

There’s no guide book that comes with moving overseas (or moving in general for that matter). So the list of things that needed to be done felt incredibly overwhelming and figuring out where to start was even more daunting.

In the week we had before we flew to Queensland we managed to work our way through:

  • Wills & enduring powers of attorney
  • Australian credit card
  • Dividing the apartment up between what to keep, sell and toss
  • Packed and sent the essentials that would be shipped to Fiji including work tools
  • Quoted storage costs for our apartment
  • J packed everything he would need to sustain him for approximately 4 months before I arrived

In hindsight it doesn’t sound like we achieved much, but with the time pressure and arranging last minute leave extensions from work we managed to do quite well.

Most things couldn’t be organised at this point as I was still planning to be in Australia until September/October before heading over to join J.

Every part of this move has been a learning experience. We have moved before both short moves and also interstate moves but nothing compares with a move overseas. There is so much that is unknown but that’s part of the excitement of it all.

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