The Best Laid Plans

The real progress really started to happen after J left Australia and started to get settled in Suva. Much to our surprise he had access to phone and internet from the moment he arrived, we’d been expecting it to take a couple of working days for everything to be arranged and therefore we’d be without communications.

This made life easier when I was trying to make decisions and plan what needed to be moved, sold or stored. I feel like this move will turn me into a severe minimalist, never again do I want to be sorting through this much stuff and figuring out what we really need to keep and what we can buy in 3 years time should we still need it.The difficult part was that with planning on living in the apartment for up to 4 months, it was difficult to sell the big items as I would need them right up until I left.

As fate would have it though, a spanner was thrown into the works that changed all of our planning (welcome to being an adult). Despite my plans of staying in Darwin for J’s three month probation and then handing in my notice and heading overseas four months after he had left, our lease was due to expire in the middle of August. With an extension to run through so close to Christmas being unlikely we faced the tough decision of whether to try and extend or for me to leave when the lease ended.

  • I won’t lie I did get stressed and mulled over every possible scenario. Would I need to resign from work immediately to be able to finish up as soon as the lease ended because I’d be homeless? 
  • How would I manage getting rid of everything and packing up our lives in less than a month? 
  • What if people wouldn’t buy our big items that we didn’t want to take with us? 

Thankfully with the help of amazing friends, I was offered plenty of places to crash should I need to stay after our lease ended.

We weighed up all the options and the amount of notice that I would have to give and ultimately decided that it wasn’t worth the stress and potential cost of breaking a lease to stay for a up to 8 weeks longer than we had already signed for. So, much to my despair we decided that I would move as soon after the lease ending as possible.

I now had around 6 weeks to get everything sorted before I had to move out including resigning from my job…

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