The Final Push

Once I got back from my short four day break to Fiji, the wheels really started moving. Despite picking up a nasty bug on my way back home things were locked in to get moving and not even feeling like death warmed up could hold up the plans.

Due to the amount of notice that I had to provide my employer resigning was the first thing that I did when I returned, that left me four weeks to get everything in order. I didn’t have many big items left  in the house to get rid of, just a mattress and a bar fridge which I tried to hold onto until the last moment for comfort purposes.

The movers arrived first thing Friday morning and despite my best efforts I hadn’t been able to cull as much of our stuff as I had hoped as I was so sick, this meant that approximately 80 items got shipped to our wonderful friends in Brisbane who had offered to store it in their garage. I had really hoped to condense the amount of things we were holding onto, but it hard when you’re making decisions across the Pacific and can’t quite commit to selling/donating absolutely everything.

From the time the movers arrived I had one week left in our apartment before our leases ended and I would be officially homeless. Thankfully I arranged for a professional cleaner to come in. I was struggling on my own and with working full time didn’t have the time to thoroughly clean everything. Despite the cost it was one of the best investments of our move, it saved me so much stress. We passed the exit inspection and from there I would no longer have a fixed residential address in the country.

It always surprises me how generous people can be, we have been so lucky to have such incredible friends that have opened their homes to me and our stuff while we have been in transit and preparing to move. Despite all the stress and chaos of moving it’s incredibly humbling to have people offer you a room to stay.

I wrapped up my last two weeks at work and prepared for the cross-country car trip Dad and I wold take to get our car to our family to sell.

It’s always sad to say goodbye to people who have such an impact on your life and been your support network for three years. Unlike when we last moved interstate we knew this time that we wouldn’t be returning to Darwin at the end of the contract (or at least we’re not planning to). Thank goodness for technology and social media because despite being overseas staying in touch has never been easier.

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