Month #1

It’s strange to think that today marks one month that I have been living here in Suva with J. It really does not feel that long.

Since arriving I’ve spent many a day at home waiting for the furniture to arrive, with bits and pieces arriving at different times, some things not arriving at all and too many items which we didn’t order. We’ve had issues with washing machines (the first one had a gravity drain so the water couldn’t get up to the pipe in the wall – cue me emptying the tub by hand with a bucket!). We’ve now received all of our furniture (as of last night) and are in the process of making the place feel like home.

We encountered the usual teething issues when setting up a house, you discover all of the things that don’t work that can’t be evaluated in a routine inspection, toilets that leak, hot water systems that don’t work and ovens that require a manual to be able to decipher the dials. Point is we have figured it all out and after a month things are settling down.

We’ve bought a car for me to get around in now. The taxis are super convenient and cheap by Australian standards and the bus stops just a short walk up the hill from me to get into the city. But on days when numerous errands need to be run or I need to take Nero somewhere, or it’s raining having your own car is amazing.


It’s nothing flash purely to be able to get from A to B and also accommodate guests and travelling around the island when we go exploring.

J has been working huge hours this first month and that’s going to be the normal for the time that we’re here. He’s been out to Kokomo Island to work on some of their machinery (with transfers via a seaplane) and also gone out to Vanua Levu for just under a week.

My current strategy is to make sure that I get out of the house at least once a day for my own sanity, otherwise Nero and I tend to drive each other crazy. Things are different but also very similar to Australia but on the whole with views like this from my piano and ‘office’ how could I complain?

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