Coral Coast Explorations

As it was the Fiji Day long weekend a couple of weekends ago we were originally planning to go and stay up at Pacific Harbour for a night and relax. However as the accommodation failed to confirm we amended our plans and opted for a road trip from Suva up through parts of the Coral Coast.

We set off early in our convoy to get to Pacific Harbour (approximately 45 minutes down the road) for breakfast at Baka Blues Cafe. After coffees the size of soup bowl we continued up the road in search of a quiet beach spot for a swim and to run the dogs around. The first stop was the Maui Bay Jetty. There’s a long stretch of beachfront and rock pools where the dogs could run as well as a gorgeous jetty.

Despite the gorgeous weather we the boys were still on the hunt for their swimming spot that they remembered from their numerous drives between Suva and Nadi for work.
Sadly their memories were not as good as they thought they were and we ended up driving up and into Sigatoka. We hadn’t planned to go this far, but since we’d reached Sigatoka we decided to check out the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park. It was nearing the middle of the day and the sun was still out in full force so rather than taking the dogs on a 2 hour walk to the sand dunes in the blazing sun we picked the shortest track to the beach.

Unlike the typical tourist images that you see the sand was quite a dark colour nearly grey or black in colour and stretched out as far as the eye could see. After hopping across the burning hot sand for a bit just beyond the giant bonfires was the ocean. In total it took us maybe 15 minutes to get down to the water’s edge. Once there we ran Bu and Nero up and down the cool sand and got dunked by a few rogue waves. They had an absolutely ball frolicking in the surf and didn’t get too cold this time around.

As it was so windy we decided against a swim at any of the spots we’d seen on the drive up and decided to turn around and head for lunch at the iconic Eco Cafe. Serving arguably the best pizzas on Viti Levu we demolished 4 pizzas between the 5 of us and watched the waves roll in against the beach beside us. Despite the rain the traditional looking bure sheltered us sufficiently and the boys even ventured down for a swim.

At this point the weather made a turn for the worse and the remainder of the trip was wet and miserable from Votua Village through to Suva. With the rain and the wind working against us we headed for Suva and called it a day. On the way back we had a quick pit stop at Pacific Harbour to let the dogs out for a quick run around and then headed straight back home.

Despite the poor weather in the afternoon and the strong winds all day long it was lovely to get to see the ‘tourist’ haven of Viti Levu. Driving along it is jilting contrast between the villages and their basic habitats and the grandeur of the Coral Coast resorts not even 100 metres from them.

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