House Tour

As today marks 2 months since I arrived in Fiji it seems fitting to finally give a bit of a tour of the house that we are staying in.

View from the street

By Fijian standards our place is quite luxurious especially considering it has electricity, water and is made out of cement. Compared to housing in the villages this place is palatial.

Upstairs has a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living and dining rooms. This space alone is bigger than our entire apartment in Darwin was! As the place was unfurnished when we moved in it is still quite bare. Given the amount of culling (it still wasn’t enough) and the numerous things we still have in storage in Australia I am determined to remain as minimalist as possible from now on.

Bathroom, entryway, stairs and dead living space we haven’t filled yet
Stairs, dead living space, living room, view into the sunroom
Kitchen and living room
Sunroom and soon to be dining room once we buy a table

Downstairs has a little enclosed courtyard area with a maids sleeping quarters, washing line and laundry tubs. Inside are the remaining two bedrooms (one with a balcony) and another bathroom.

Courtyard and washing area
Inside laundry (a rarity in Fiji)
Spare room, with bonus puppy!
Our bedroom with connecting balcony
Balcony with views of Walu Bay – trivia Walu is Fijian for Spanish Mackerel!

We are so fortunate to not only be living in Fiji but to be living in such a nice house with a gorgeous view that makes every day so relaxing.

Also, since it’s two month since my arrival and we picked up Nero we attempted our first family photo tonight. Can’t say it was a raging success but we certainly laughed while attempting to get the dog to smile like a human.

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