Intruder Alert!

Sometimes I’m surprised by the things I miss from Australia, simple small things that I took for granted but without them life gets a bit more interesting.

As gorgeous as our house is there are two things that make it a little uncomfortable:

  1. No curtains – well there’s blinds in one bedroom, a curtain on one window in another bedroom and that’s about it.
  2. No flyscreens – hello mosquitoes, moths and all manner of creepy crawlies each night.

On the whole this hasn’t been a major issue for us. The curtains is becoming a bit troublesome as the house facing due west, so especially now in the hot summer sun the entire house becomes almost too hot to be in from 4pm until after sunset at 7.30pm. It’s not the end of the world merely an inconvenience and potentially difficult to fix as friends of our have struggled to get the right hooks for hanging curtains in their house as well. But as always here compared to how much the Fijians struggle to live and get by we are so incredibly fortunate and have no place complaining about something so trivial as curtains.

The no flyscreens became a major issue last night when we had a rather unwelcomed visitor at 1.30am this morning. As it’s quite warm here and with three bodies in the one room at night we sleep with a couple of the windows open to get a breeze.

We’d been up waiting for our dining room table to arrive at midnight and had finally gotten to bed around 12.30am absolutely exhausted. Next thing we know Nero is barking like crazy and Jared’s jumped out of bed because he saw a second animal in the room. By the time we got a light on the second animal had gone, but Nero was stalking around the room sniffing like crazy. Then when getting back into bed Jared stood in something wet, said animal had decided to mark its territory on his side of the bed which happens to be beside one of the open windows.

With not seeing exactly what it was we are currently thinking it was a cat due to the location of the bedroom in the house and how high up it is. The mysterious piddle patch was definitely not Nero’s as his has never smelt that ghastly before (cue a 2am fumigation of the bedroom with AirWick’s Sparkling Citrus haha). Needless to say I’m brainstorming ways in which we can flyscreen the bedroom to hopefully prevent it from happening again.

On the bright side we definitely have a guard dog in the making not only did he bark at the cat and scare it off but afterwards he came to my side of the bed and sat guarding for maybe five minutes before lying down and waiting for us to fall back asleep. It’s incredible how strong his protective instinct is at around 4.5 months old!

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