More than just a pretty picture

It can sometimes feel that a very unrealistic account of our lives is presented online through social media. No one really wants to be talking about the routine or the boring. That’s the same for this attempt at an online diary of our time in Fiji. So far we haven’t really been posting too much about what day-to-day life is like, and that could be because for us it’s not that different from what day-to-day life was like back in Australia.

However, one thing to note is that when we post pictures of gorgeous beaches or wonderful sunny days, keep in mind that for every day we haven’t posted something, it’s mostly likely been quite mundane.

At a glance, Jared goes to work at least six days a week (not always to work) usually on Saturdays he takes Nero to the workshop with him so he can run around and hang out with the boys while Jared works on his boss’ boat parts. Most weeks we get Sundays together but that’s not always possible either. From Monday to Friday is work can be quite varied, working in the office, the workshop, out at various customers around Suva or around Viti Levu. Sometimes he has to travel away to another island for stays from one night up to a few weeks.

At the moment I’ve been spending my days trying to keep busy, I’m taking Fijian classes twice a week and spend a lot of time running errands (unlike Australia not everything can be paid for online, you have to go in, in person and pay bills). Amidst a phenomenal amount of procrastination, I am now (after 6 months) really looking to start volunteering somewhere so that I can actually give back and also to fill my days with something meaningful (other than hanging out and snuggling with Nero).

Our experience is definitely not the picturesque sunny beach days that we may have been posting previously so hopefully from now on it’ll give a bit more of a realistic account of our time here.

So that being said, we’ve had a very turbulent week here. Firstly, the lock to the front door broke one morning when J went to head to work. After a day of trying to get in touch with the property manager to no avail, we spent the night with no way of getting out of the house except to unscrew the deadlock panel. The next morning I had class but couldn’t go because I couldn’t lock the house, so Lotu came around to wait for the locksmiths (handyman who they hire to fix everything from installing the new hot water system to fixing locks).

I came home from class to find our bedroom door was locked, Lotu had tried to message me but I hadn’t received it, asking if I’d locked the door. Throughout the six months we’ve been here the bedroom door has never been able to be locked. The handyman managed to jimmy it open, but didn’t look inside. Turns out that we’d been broken into through the windows on the balcony by some well prepared burglars. They used bolt cutters to cut through the security grill over the windows and wore rubber gloves when touching everything.

In the scheme of things we are very lucky that none of us were confronted or injured in the break-in but we did lose J’s passport, the laptop and his wedding ring amongst alot of other stuff. We think there’s zero chance of us getting anything back, despite their best efforts, the police here just don’t have the resources or technology to be able to do much.

J’s work has been super helpful though and the same day they had someone here welding up the bars again so we didn’t have a huge hole welcoming someone into the bedroom that night. For now it’s just a case of being super security conscious, our downstairs neighbour was broken into three days in a row when we first moved in, so we don’t expect this to be the last attempt we experience.

Despite all this, Fiji is still a beautiful place to live and most of the people are absolutely lovely. Things like this happen everywhere it’s just the world we live in sadly. At least we have this guy to keep us company and cheer us up.



One thought on “More than just a pretty picture

  1. Brooke

    I’m just glad you are all safe. Things can be replaced, but not people. Keep posting about your adventures! Nothing is mundane when it’s your own life.


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