Weekly Wrap-up #1

This past week has been quite quiet for us and we haven’t gone out much or done anything major together.

J’s been working in town all week, so he’s been home every night (and even finishing close to on time which is very unusual).

I’ve had a very quiet week and haven’t been running too many errands either. I did drive up to Nadi on Thursday afternoon to take a friend to the airport for her flight on Friday morning. We stayed at another friend’s (I swear I don’t have heaps of friends here!) house for the evening and got a lovely traditional Fijian experience. Much to my surprise rather than sleeping on the mats on the floor they gave us their spare bed for the night, we were so spoilt. After a couple of hiccups at the airport (power was out in both Suva and Nadi and the airport’s security system was affected by the lack of power) T got safely onto her flight and I went to our butcher before heading back to Suva.

Yesterday, J and Nero went into work to do more work on the boss’ boat. I had the property manager here at the house looking at ways to improve the security here since the break-in. J spoke with his boss and his boss’ boss during the week and they both encouraged us to look for somewhere new to live. Mainly to find somewhere that will have a yard around the entire house so that Nero can patrol properly as opposed to being stuck out in the front yard here. It’ll happen on Fiji Time so we won’t be moving immediately.

Hopefully this week, we’ll be able to take Nero for a trip to the beach or waterfalls at some point to get him out of the house. We are finding it tough to take him out of the house for training and exercise; the cultural attitude towards dogs here is poor at best and not helped by the ever increasing population of strays. This limits me to doing mid week beach trips just to walk him properly in an effort to avoid K9 confrontations and awkward locals who don’t know how to interact with a dog.

Hope everyone is well back home with all the bad weather from ex TC Debbie.

Love S&J

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