Weekly Wrap-up #2

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag, but J was in town again all week (highly unusual!).

On Monday Nero was a little bit sick but late in the morning he took a turn for the worse so I had to make a rush trip to the vet for him. That afternoon he was very docile and lethargic so we just spent the afternoon keeping cool.

Tuesday I had my Fijian classes in the morning and went pretty much straight home afterwards to make sure Nero was getting better. Also, our downstairs neighbour was home all day on Tuesday so Nero had to be on the chain so that he wouldn’t intimidate her. We had another quiet afternoon and evening.

Wednesday was our fourth wedding anniversay and J had to take a day trip up to Lautoka and back for big work meetings. He was home about 7:30pm so we scrapped the idea of going out for dinner and instead went out for dessert and had our favourite brownies.

Dancing with Dad
Thursday I had my last Fijian class for the semester and re-enrolled for semester 2 starting up mid-month. After class the other girl in class and our teacher went out for a nice lunch at Cafe Noir in town. Probably my favourite cafe I’ve found (mainly because it is air-conditioned).

Since the break-in and since J’s bosses had recommended finding a different place to live where Nero could be a proper guard dog and patrol the entire perimeter of the house/yard I’d been vaguely looking at what was around. Given how tight the property market is here though I wasn’t expecting to find anything suitable for a few weeks or even months.

On Thursday I’d found somewhere that looked ok but wasn’t sure if it would have a suitable yard for Nero so arranged to view the property Thursday night. It’s not as big as the house we have now (but in reality this place is monstrous for the two of us) but it has a yard right around the house and they are open to a dog so long as it stays outside. We discussed it a bit that night and due to the look of the home, the ability to have Nero and the fact that it was in our budget we agreed that we’d see if we could go for it.

Friday, J contacted the owner and we’re now in the process of trying to switch leases. While not a simple task in Australia, here it’s entirely out of our control as it is all arranged through the company. Hopefully they can move at a moderate pace (it is Fiji after all) and we may be moving sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong!

Friday was a fairly quiet day again. I booked and confirmed out trip away for Easter which is super exciting. J is starting to get a bit rundown with work and not having a proper break or weekends, so hopefully four days away on an island in the Mamanucas should be a good way to relax and recharge his batteries.

As part of our tradition Friday marked 7 months since we became a family so we took another photo to mark the occasion.

The best of this month’s attempts
Someone got excited for their treat
This weekend he was supposed to spend both days working on his boss’ boat engine stuff. Saturday got canned because of work that was happening outside the workshop so instead we had a day at home doing very little.

On his best behaviour for a treat
This week will mostly be spent in anticipation of our four day weekend and getting J out of Suva and away from work for a bit.

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