Weekly Wrap-up #5

It’s been about six weeks since we’ve posted an update on here and lots has happened in this time.

We have now moved and settled into our new house (the one that we spent weeks fighting to get arranged through the company). It’s made a huge difference to me feeling safe again. We moved in on the first weekend in May and thanks to not having much stuff got unpacked really quickly.

Our new dining room

Nero adjusted really quickly to being an outside dog and has heaps of space to run around in to burn off all of his energy. There are a lot more pedestrians and strays/Fijian owned dogs here though so he spends quite a bit of time ‘guarding’ the house. At our last vet visit a couple of weeks ago he weighed in at 28kg so it’s safe to say he’s now probably into the 30s. It could just be because we see him on a daily basis but he doesn’t look like a large dog yet to us. Perhaps his short coat and slim shape are deceiving us.

Work for J has been quite busy he worked every weekend since Easter up until last weekend. Despite being so busy, since we’ve moved he’s only been away for work one night, which seems quite strange. Considering how often he was away last year it seems that so far this year he’s been home far more than I’d thought he would be. Although I think there’s some extended trips coming in the next few weeks/months.

It’s not until we moved and settled into the new house that I realised how much I’d allowed the break-in to affect me. Without me really thinking about it, I ended up leaving the house less and less and when I was at home it was with all the windows shut, curtains pulled and trying not to hear creaks or noises that could be someone trying to get inside. Thankfully since moving, I feel a lot more secure in our new house and that’s because it’s a smaller house, Nero can get around the entire yard to protect all possible entrances and the security on the actual house. That’s not to say that I’m not still ridiculously paranoid and security crazy but I’m not feeling quite like a prisoner in my own home any more.

Over the last three weekends we have been trying to get up to Pacific Harbour every weekend to take Nero for a good run and swim but also to get us out of Suva and enjoy some of the beautiful spots Fiji has. The other weekend the weather was so good that we ended up going on both Saturday and Sunday. It’s a bit of a drive to get there but for us it’s a nice way to escape the repetition of life in Suva and gives us something to look forward to each week.

Fingers crossed the miserable weather we’ve got right now will clear in time for this weekend.

Beast Mode!
Shimmy & Shake

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up #5

  1. Kerry Irvine

    Sarah, you are not the only ones with slow internet. Only 30k out of Invercargil &we have very slow internet and bigger all cell coverage. Bloody shocking for this 3rd world country

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