Weekly Wrap-up #6

We’ve been quite routine again this last week. Last weekend J worked on the boss’ boat some more and then got ready to go away for work this week. We’ve known this trip has needed to happen for around six weeks, but Fiji time is a very real thing so we also knew that it would end up happening close to our trip away. He left at 3am Wednesday morning and is away now with no return date, so fingers crossed he’s back before we’re due to go away together.

It’s been hard to take Nero for a walk on the lead as there’s so many strays here and even dogs that are ‘owned’ are left to wander the streets too. After talking to a few people we sussed out walking along the seawall in towards the city and found that there’s not many strays around there and most dogs that are being walked are on leads and reasonably well behaved. So for the last ten days we’ve been walking everyday for about three kilometres. He’s still challenging on the lead and likes to walk ahead but hopefully this won’t take too long to correct.

It’s also been over nine months since I arrived in Fiji and since we got Nero, so despite being a few days late we took our ritual family photo. It’s not as easy in the new house as he’s not allowed inside and the lighting by the time J gets home the sun is setting.


Other than it’s been very quiet, I’ve been trying to get everything sorted for when we go away together soon. It’s coming up on one year since J came here which means there’s only two more years left on the contract. It’s strange to think we’re a third of the way through. We’ve been away from our ‘home base’ of Brisbane for nearly four years now and some days it feels like we have been gone forever and may never actually end up getting back there to live like we’ve always hoped to. I think our biggest challenge at the moment is not to look back at our life in Australia with rose-tinted glasses. Things here are very different and we do find ourselves getting frustrated with the way things work here compared to Australia, but we need to remember that life in Australia frustrated us at times too. No matter where you live or what you do there will always been things that don’t go smoothly and systems that don’t operate efficiently. We just need to keep that in mind when thinking of visiting or moving back to Australia.

One thought on “Weekly Wrap-up #6

  1. Laura

    Awesome read! You guys are doing such an awesome job. We have a new found appreciation of the challenges you’ve faced after being abroad for 6months now.


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