Weekly Wrap-up #7

Not so much a weekly wrap-up as a recap on our month so far. Since we returned from Australia in mid-July we have been a bit all over the place, J’s back at work and busy as ever with work and the boss’ boat project that’s still ongoing.

The start of August marked roughly one year since Nero was born (we don’t have an exact birth date for him but from our estimates he would have been born at the very end of July or very early August). I was tempted to buy a puppy cake mix for his birthday when we were in Australia, but thought that might be a bit too far on the crazy puppy lady scale. Instead we treated him to a trip to the beach in the sunshine with some new toys. Because we have a ridiculous number of photos of him I have now set up a instagram page for him, @nero_in_fiji, it’s mostly so we can have photos of him all collated in one place and to stop spamming everyone with our personal instagrams and the Tansley Travels instagram page.


The start of August also marked 11 months since I arrived in Fiji and we collected Nero. So as is tradition, we attempted once more to take a family photo. This is never an easy task, and we added an extra level of difficulty this month by taking the photo from on top of his kennel.

The best of a bad bunch
Poor Nero just wanted his reward

For my birthday, J surprised me by taking the day off work and we spent it being tourists together in Suva city by going to the Fiji Museum. I’ve been to the cafe outside the museum many time and even been into the gift shop for books on Fijian history (such a nerd) but hadn’t realised how large the museum actually was. We ended up spending close to two hours wandering through it. It does a great job covering the history of Fiji and all the changes that have lead it to the Fiji it is now. The layout was a smidge confusing for two OCD people who like their museums to be in chronological order and easy to navigate, but that being said we managed with no real issues.

Fiji Museum

After my birthday I went over to Christchurch for a week, to catch up with a friend and some family. It was very much a spur of the moment trip but it was delightful to get out o Fiji (even if I’d only been back 3 weeks) and experience a proper winter with temperatures struggling to reach double digits some days. It had been just over six years since we were last there which was five months after the major earthquakes in 2011. It was nice to see the centre of town starting to get some life back into it with new shops and tonnes of places to eat. J and Nero went solo for the week and seemed to manage alright without me.

Christchurch Botanical Gardens


Still a lot of stabilising work in place after the earthquakes

Now we’re just trying to get back into the swing of things and re-establish the routines we had before all this travelling. As always J is being kept super busy at work and is traipsing around the country and its many islands. I’m holding up the fort (not that it needs much holding) and trying to find some form of study to do to keep my brain engaged while I get back into finding a way to volunteer.

Also, we’ve switched over to ADSL internet now so hopefully updates won’t be as far and few between as it now only takes two minutes to load the website rather than the 30+ minutes it was taking before. Fingers crossed that means I’ll get on top of these supposed weekly posts.

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