Weekly Wrap-up #9

Things have been a bit all over the place the last few weeks. There’s lots of uncertainty so not really much we can provide as updates, which is why they have been non-existent.

Since getting back from his trip away, J has had a lot happening at work and ended up with a cold for two weeks. He’s back to normal now but I think work will busy right up until Christmas, which from memory is what happened last year.

While J was away on Vanua Levu my car decided to stop working. We’ve spent the last month trying to diagnose and fix it, but it’s refusing to co-operate. Two weeks ago I contacted our non-ripoff mechanic that we’ve taken it to for all it’s servicing and registration needs to see if they could send someone out to have a look at it. As it’s currently stuck in the driveway. Due to Fiji Time they were supposed to have someone out last week, but after further conversations they have no idea when their contractor will be showing up to their workshop let alone coming to look at the car. I’m starting to think the only solution now is to turn it into a bonfire during Diwali (J doesn’t agree sadly).

J’s work car was scheduled to have security alarms fitted to it a month ago. It took them three attempts at dropping it off on a scheduled day before the company would do the work on it. Last Friday J got the car back and it was immediately sent back due to the terrible workmanship and the small problem of the alarm system not working and instead the hazards going off everytime the car hits a bump. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem so much in Australia, but given the number of potholes and speed bumps when driving out to jobs outside Suva he ends up driving along with hazards going almost constantly. (Although we should note that it is normal for cars to drive around with their hazards on for no reason, J does not want to be one of those people). It would appear that as of Friday his car has been fixed, so hopefully it holds out.

My parents have been over visiting this week and I hired a car to drive out to Nadi and meet up with them. Since Tuesday was Fiji Day and a public holiday J flew up from Nadi Monday night and spent the day with us driving around to Lautoka, Ba and out to Golden Point Resort on Tuesday before catching the night flight back to Suva for work on Wednesday. I’ve been acting as a tour guide for mum and dad and so far we’ve come back to Suva and done the city and a morning return trip out to Labasa on Vanua Levu.

In an attempt to be organised I tried to taking photos for our Christmas cards the other weekend at the beach and well, as is usually the case with Nero, things don’t always go to plan. That’s just what happens when you make him wait to long for his ball that’s wedged under the tripod.


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