Weekly Wrap-up #10

My parents left to head back to Australia and flew out of Suva to Nadi to get an aerial view of the island. I did some running around in town before I had to give the hire car back and J spent the day at work trying to fit 24 hours of work into 10.

J headed off at 3am to catch the ferry across to Vanua Levu (Numbuwalu) for a couple of jobs which was estimated to be 2-3 nights away. I did some last minute grocery shopping and ran errands before handing back the hire car. There’s still been zero progress on my car so for now I’m catching cabs whenever I want to go out. Unlike when I have a car I tend to go out practically everyday, when it comes to catching cabs I’m a bit stingey and don’t want to pay $10 each way to get into town. So I usually just set up at home with my studies and snoozing dog.

The day before Diwali, which is the Hindu festival of lights and in Fiji means that everyone and anyone can buy fireworks and set them off whenever they like. I caught up with a friend in town and collected Nero’s meat order before prepping to have him go crazy both that night and on Thursday night. He is still quite traumatised from Diwali last year and is very protective and territorial which results in him get anxious and running around looking for the source of the loud noises not to mention barking at it to prove he’s the boss. Because J is most definitely the alpha dog in our house, Nero does respond better to him in these situations but this year I was on my own. Wednesday night we managed alright, I had him distracted with treats and toys for the early part of the night and he had a quiet nook to settle into to sleep for the rest of the night.

J moved from his first job down one end of Vanua Levu across to Labasa.

After a reasonable night’s sleep (far better than I was expecting) we were rudely awoken by fireworks at 6am (in broad daylight!). This continued for a couple of hours until there was enough rain to put people off wasting their money and crackers when they couldn’t see them! This was the worst night by far, the noise was close, loud and constant. Poor Nero went out of his mind, even with the house shut up, the air-conditioner on and the TV blaring it wasn’t enough to drown out the noise.

Nothing like sleeping in Mum’s spot rather than on my own bed

J spent the public holiday working in Labasa and struggled through a noisy night at the hotel.

It was definitely a recovery day for us after a rough night’s sleep in the lounge room together and yet another night with fireworks going off all around.
J had a massive day at work driving from Labasa to Savusavu for a job and picked up another job while he was out that side of the island before turning around and driving the nearly two hours back to Labasa for the night.

Cruise ship at Savusavu

I spent the morning trying to clean up from having Nero inside for three consecutive nights. He’s not a long haired dog, but despite that he somehow managed to cover the entire loungeroom in a thick covering of his fur, so I spent the best part of the morning sweeping out the lounge room (because we don’t have a vaccum cleaner). Our lovely landlords popped around to do some quick fixes and to check on Nero (they have a real soft spot for him).
J was up at 430am to drive the two hours back to the ferry spot to come back to Suva and eventually made it home around 330pm.
There were yet more fireworks again but they did seem to stop after 1030pm.

We had planned to go out to the beach this morning and take Nero for a run along a dirt track we’ve found but J was shattered after his trip away so we opted for a morning walk along the seawall instead.

We had a very quiet day at home as J needed to be up at 5am to go to his job in the west on Monday.

Again, not a particularly interesting week for us just trying to find the elusive work/life balance people talk of. Work for J is getting very busy  at the moment before it will hopefully get quieter around Christmas.

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