Weekly Wrap-up #11

We had quite a quiet week last week. Monday J was up and on the road out west to Denarau just after 5am to work on a super yacht. It was relatively quick job so he was home again that night after 13 hours, mostly on the road.

The rest of the week was quite routine, my car is still not working. We had an electrician come out on Friday and it started when he was here, but after rain Friday afternoon and night it’s refused to start again soon. Hopefully he’ll be back out again this week and it can be running properly before I go away for a few weeks.

We had one of J’s friends from work come over for dinner Friday night to help polish off the last of the our Indian curries from the night before (courtesy of our neighbour making us homemade roti).

J spent Saturday doing the alignment on this boss’ boat and hopefully this means that the end might finally be here, after nearly 18 months working on the floating headache. I spent the morning out with friends and the afternoon keeping an eye on Nero and his new housemate Bu who’s going to be staying with us for a little while.


Introductions are exhausting

Today we took both pups for a walk along the sea wall, practicing their behavior on a lead and also trying to wear them out and burn some energy.

Halfway through the walk, managed to get them sitting side by side but they refused to look at each other!
It’s amazing what dogs will do at the prospect of a treat!

It’s a short week for J this week as we’re heading back to Australia for a wedding this weekend. We’re both a little excited to see civilisation again!


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