Weekly Wrap-up #12

So things here got a little busy apparently and we haven’t posted a proper update in over a month now, whoops! That’s mostly because we were back in Australia for a friend’s wedding at the start of November; J was only there for four days but I stayed on for a couple of weeks to try and sort out everything we have left in Australia, and centralise all of our things in preparation for the next move. That’s right, we are moving again!

Since we’ve been back together again in Fiji things have been quite busy. The day after I arrived back from Australia J went away to Sigatoka for work for three nights. It was supposed to be for longer but in true Fiji style things never go to plan. My car still isn’t working (what a surprise) so I had to borrow a friend’s car to deliver some urgent paperwork to J while he was there.

We had a fairly quiet Saturday together at the end of November, J tinkered a little bit on his old boss’ boat to get it ready for a trip to the sand bar on Sunday morning. Rather than taking Nero out to Pacific Harbour and the beach we headed off to the sandbar which is just off the coast from Suva. Sadly, we couldn’t get too close to it so J and doggo swam almost 150 metres to the sandbar for a run around before it got busy. They did encounter a bit of difficulty on the way back when Nero swam too close and ended up kicking off one J’s fins. So one set of fins later and a whole lot of water being swallowed, they both made it back to the boat.

We spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon swimming off the back of the boat with Nero jumping in after everyone, just to make sure they were ok and didn’t need his help. Amazingly he handled the time on the boat really well and spent the majority of the day staring at the water and jumping in it and swimming around. Needless to say he was absolutely exhausted by the time we got back home at the end of the day.

The following week J had four days at work and was only doing jobs around the Suva area. I continued working through my study units to try and get as many as possible completed before we move again. J had taken Friday off to turn the three day long weekend into a four day long weekend so we could go away to Kadavu Island (more on that later this week).

Sneak peek of our Kadavu trip!

The first week of December was a bit muddled, we got back from Kadavu on Monday afternoon, J drove to Nadi for work on Tuesday and had to stay the night, getting back late on Wednesday evening. In typical Fiji style it took four days of chasing to receive our new gas bottle (not without further dramas, of course). We finally managed to get the auto electrician to have a look at my car and once he got it to start it’s been down at the workshop getting assessed further.

Last weekend J spent both days down at the Yacht Club to spend time on the boat (he had hoped to be able to go out again but that wasn’t to be). Saturday afternoon/evening we had some friends over for board games and dinner, and Sunday was a lazy recovery day.

This last week J worked in town until Thursday, Friday morning he headed out to Nadi for some jobs and overnighted in Lautoka. He did more work in Nadi and then Ba before completeling his lap of Viti Levu and getting home Saturday evening.

More updates on the move details will come next week.

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