Weekly Wrap-up #13: Christmas eve special!

Our week started with a bang! Monday morning J handed in his resignation and his last day at work in Fiji will be mid January.  So, by the end of January we will be in our new country, New Zealand! Things in Fiji have been tough for both of us, but in the last few months J’s workplace has become quite unstable with the future looking a little bit uncertain. As cliche as it sounds sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better and that was definitely what happened in this case. We’ll be relocating at the end of January with J starting his new job in NZ at the start of February.

Tuesday we had Nero in at the vet, we started the process to get him ready for the move back in November but we’ve got a few more appointments to ensure he’ll be 100% in time for his trip next month. He will have to spend ten days in quarantine before he can be released (provided there are no issues).

Our week was very much focused around the move and trying to line up all of the logistics, of moving Nero, getting out of Fiji and getting in New Zealand.  I hit a snag with the paperwork for NZ Customs for Nero as I can’t get some paperwork for us for it right away due to trying to get a Fiji exit date confirmed before we can give an arrival date to NZ for collecting Nero.  After a day of brickwalls on Thursday we finally got things locked in and confirmed Friday and hopefully now the three spinning wheels (Fiji, NZ & Nero) will spin together in harmony and work perfectly, cross your fingers for us!

With the long weekend and a month left in Fiji we headed out yesterday to go to Monasavu Hydro Dam (in the middle of the island), it turned out to be an adventurous and shorter than planned trip (more on that in another post later on this week).

Today we’ve spent the day at home, enjoying the sunny weather as it’s been overcast for the past couple of weeks. It’ll be a very quiet Christmas for us tomorrow, just the three of us enjoying some quality time before the madness picks up in the new year.

Love to you all,


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